A new fix for fidgeters

Stephanie Kroll, Staff Writer

Those quick, small movements that you do when you’re nervous, whether you notice or not, is called fidgeting. And recently, new toys have been created to help calm those nerves you are experiencing.

The first toy is a plastic device called the ‘Fidget Cube’ and it consists of 5 little gadgets.

Those gadgets include a click, glide, flip, roll, spin, and a breathe. And by playing with one of these cubes, it cures your need for fast movement. And makes a great distraction for those who struggle with things such as stress, anxiety, ADD, and ADHD.

The other device that was made for the same reasons, is the ‘Stress Spinner’ and it is made out of three loose and movable washers.

It can be properly used by simply holding the middle of the toy, and flicking one of the three parts that are connected to the middle, which creates a fast spinning action.

And for the kids that are feeling frisky, they can simultaneously flick it, then balance it on one finger. Almost as if it were a spinning basketball.

Just that simple, fast spinning action can give a person so much satisfaction and relief for their fidget problem or even boredom.

So this creation of fidget cubes and spinners was a great invention to society.

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