Summer adventure spots

Stephanie Kroll, Staff Writer

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Not every vacation is about blowing hundreds of dollars on luxury goods and five-star beach front hotels. Nor does a vacation need to involve the aspect of extensive packing, traveling, and planning.

A cheap, easy, and fun way to vacation is to take a day or a weekend trip to some place “out of your natural habitat” or normal comfort zone. And to accomplish that, you should consider visiting a scenic state park.

Pennsylvania is full of state parks to choose from.

A few of PA’s state parks such as Moraine, Cook Forest, and even Pymatuning have cabins that can be rented out for weekend stays.

And there are even state parks that are enjoyable for people that enjoy day trips.

Whether you want to go on a weekend adventure or just a short car drive with your family, make sure to visit this website.

It is very informational and easy to read for a person ready to venture out into the more rural areas of Pennsylvania.

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