X Plan allows teens to avoid sticky situations

Zoe Zilcosky, Staff Writer

Youth minister Bert Fulks created a way for teens to get out of uncomfortable situations by using his “X Plan.”

The plan indicates texting an “X” to your parents which lets them know you need to be picked up. One of you parents would then call and make an excuse for you to come home. This plan gives teens an easy way to avoid peer pressure.

Another aspect to the plan is that X-Plan is based on a no question or judgement agreement. This creates trust and reliance in parent-child relationships.

“I seriously don’t think it would work because my parents would be asleep,” said senior Cameron Happe.

“It sounds a lot like the peppermint plan,” said senior Natalie Coccagno.

To learn more on this plan, read the article posted below.

Use This Dad’s ‘X Plan’ And Your Teen Will Always Have A Way Out Of A Bad Situation

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