BPHS Alumni of the Week: Nando Pandolfo

BPHS Alumni of the Week: Nando Pandolfo

Cameron Happe, Staff Writer

What year did you graduate?: 2016

What college do you go to?: Penn State Behrend

What’s your major?: Economics

Do you work anywhere?: On breaks I work at the Bethel Park Rapidwash

Who was your favorite teacher at BPHS?: Mr. Bouch

What was your favorite class at BPHS?: Humanities

What was the best BPHS lunch?: Chicken bowl

Were you involved with any sports/activities? If so, which one was your favorite?: I was, I enjoyed symphonic band.

Do you miss high school?: A little bit

Any advice for high schoolers now?: Don’t stress out too much.

Who’s your favorite member of One Direction?: Harry Styles, I like his new pictures.

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