Style of the Week: Iconic transitional looks

Zoe Zilcosky, Staff Writer

As the weather gets colder, the birds fly south, leaves fall, and fashion gets better than ever. Fall looks are on their way to BPHS but styles are currently in the transition stage. These are some iconic transitional looks walking the halls of BPHS.



“A blast from the ’90s past”

It is said that history repeats itself and good thing for that! The ’90s fashion has made a comeback and this period’s iconic looks can be seen in Cameron Happe’s outfit. Cameron sports a white crop top with overall shorts matched with white vans and peach socks. She flaunts a crystal choker, a silver bracelet, and rings with a turquoise center. Cameron stands out in her look, and what’s the point of fashion if you aren’t getting noticed?

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crop top: Forever 21

overalls: Buffalo Exchange

shoes: Vans




“A look to wear when you are worth more than the time you wasted on him”

Alaina’s take on this modern look is both classy and edgy. This sleek, sleeveless dress with a turtleneck cut is simple but its subtle stripes add a decorative touch. The baby pink bomber jacket adds the edge to this look through the embroidered flowers on the sleeve. Alaina is wearing dark grey, open-toed boots. This look turns heads and could be seen on the streets of 5th Ave.

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jacket: Francesca’s

dress: TJ Maxx

shoes: Ten Toes

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