Album Review: Alessia Cara’s ‘Four Pink Walls’

Joanna White, Staff Writer

In an age in which stars are discovered on YouTube, Facebook and the like, Alessia Cara, an 18-year-old Canadian singer, has been winning the hearts and minds of people alike with her unique twist on the stereotypical party song.

In her debut single “Here” she reached out to the introvert in all of us. This was a pleasant change compared to the clichĂ© party scene.

The song was enjoyable, and so were many of her other songs which were released in the album Four Pink Walls.

On numerous instances, I found myself humming along with her upbeat melodies. Her voice is pleasant to the ears; it wasn’t too high or too low. I enjoyed listening to the digital album. One song,”Seventeen,” is still buzzing about my head right now. It speaks volumes to the meaning of growing up. I personally loved that song much more than the song promoted on the cover.

Though, I didn’t particularly enjoy the opening song “Four Pink Walls.” The song wasn’t really memorable. In a way it was a blur, and there was nothing that really stood out. It was nice, but I found myself going back to other songs. This, however, did not take away from the album. It was still fun and easy on the ears.

Alessia Cara is a rising artist who deserves so much more attention. So, you should go check out Alessia Cara’s new album Four Pink Walls after reading this. I assure you, you shall not be disappointed.

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