The greatest Christmas movies of all time



Elf starring Will Ferrell has become a much-loved Christmas movie.

Max Radcliffe, Staff Writer

Nothing beats sitting by a cozy fire with a gourmet hot chocolate in your hand.  As you watch the snow fall gradually outside of the window, you turn on the television and sit to enjoy a Christmas movie.  The hardest part of it all is trying to pick the perfect movie for the perfect night.  Shown below are some of the all-time greats for Christmas movies.

To begin, many people consider “Elf” as an all-time great and they are not wrong.  How many movies are there where not only you find yourself laughing at every scene, but it also brings families closer and delivers Christmas joy?  Will Ferrel does an excellent job acting as a lost elf trying to find his real family in the Big Apple.  He meets new people while trying to fit in as an ordinary person, although he is nowhere near ordinary.  However, he makes the best of it and in all, it is such a creative and loving movie.

Next off is a key memory of childhood for so many people.  What is it you may ask? None other than “The Polar Express.”  Everyone remembers the good old days when we were sitting in elementary school with a hot chocolate in hand, sitting next to our friends, watching “The Polar Express,” and waiting to be dismissed for Christmas break.  The movie begins when a train picks up a young boy along with others.  There are so many great aspects of the movie like the hot chocolate and ghost scenes.  The journey is definitely worth it as the children get to see Santa first hand.

To continue, “Home Alone” is an all-time classic which makes it extremely difficult not to find yourself loving the movie.  As a young boy Kevin McCallister, as played by Macaulay Culkin, is always surrounded by family and wants some time alone.  However, it comes unexpectedly as his family is rushing out of the door to travel to Paris for Christmas, leaving Kevin home alone.  Two thieves see that the massive home is “vacant” as they try to steal from it.  What they don’t know is that Kevin is home as he sets up traps all around the house to keep them from entering.  Also, Kevin sets up traps in the house as well making it near impossible to steal, as they learn the hard way.  With such a great storyline, “Home Alone” holds its place as an all-time favorite.

Last, but definitely not least is, “A Christmas Story.”  Without a doubt, “A Christmas Story” can be considered the epitome of what makes a Christmas movie.  Ralphie is a young boy who attempts to convince his parents to get him a Red Ryder BB gun.  Ralphie is walking around town with his family and sees one in the store window.  Right then he knows he needs one.  He imagines himself using it to fight off burglars as they try to rob their house.  Ralphie also gets in a classic school fight as he takes down the bully.  Nothing beats watching this movie with your family on Christmas as presents are being opened and everyone is thankful for the great holiday.

In conclusion, these movies are just some of the greats which make the Christmas season so magical.