Student Voices: What elective would you create?


Kidaha, Pixabay

Academic classes, symbolized via books, rulers, and a globe.

Anastasia Williams, Staff Writer

We have some awesome electives here at BPHS. However, today I am here to ask, “If YOU could create your own elective at BPHS, what would it be and why?” I would personally make an elective that would help students learn how to drive and teach them the rules of the road.

Recently, I went around and asked my friends what elective they would make for BPHS. Here is what they said.

Freshman Kaylin Bauer said: “There should be a hand-writing class. We all could use more practice with hand-writing.”

“There should be a meditation class because too many students are having panic attacks and are stressed on a daily basis,” said freshman Shia Epperson.

Freshman Kessid Wicker said, “There should be an elective that teaches students how to weld.”

“There should be an elective that teaches job preparation like how to prepare for interviews and how to make your job resume,” said junior Isabella Kanzius.

Leave a comment down below and tell us what elective you would make for BPHS and why.

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