Earth Day should be every day

Stephanie Kroll, Staff Writer

A clean earth creates happy people and a happy world.

And that’s exactly why there is a day called Earth Day that has been going on since 1970 and has been observed in over 175 countries.

For those who don’t know, Earth Day is a specially made day intended to direct people to get outside and clean their communities and create awareness about picking up trash to create a healthier environment.

And it certainly does both of those.

It benefits your community to look presentable and kept. And it also puts a hold on the amount of trash that flows into your local streams then into oceans.

But just because a community picks up trash one day a year, does not mean the problem is solved and the world is automatically cleaner.

There are other key factors that are involved in cleaning up this earth. But it’s too late to take back what we’ve done in the past like releasing too many harmful gases into the air, polluting water sources, and letting trash blow in the wind.

So what’s most important is focusing on what changes we can make moving forward and how we can really “go green” to save this world.

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