Inspire your heart with art on January 31


Stephanie Kroll, Staff Writer

It’s the last day of the month. But not only is it that, but it is National Inspire Your Heart With Art Day!

And this day is meant for people to value and appreciate all types of art that that are surrounded by every day.

Whether it be a sculpture in art class, a poetic book in English class, or even the music you listen to, today is the day where you are supposed to ponder art.

Appreciate its uniqueness, notice how it makes you feel, and, most importantly, how it makes you feel creative and inspired.

But if you aren’t interested in looking deeper into the things around you in your everyday life, I’d suggest exploring new things or watching an informational documentary.

Whether the new thing is walking to class a different way, sitting in a different seat on the bus, anything that will change your perspective and view on what you do every day can trigger a newer and fresher reality for you.

So I would recommend everyone to celebrate this day.

And I strongly encourage anyone to celebrate art every day like it was January 31 all the time.

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