Move the minibuses at Purkey Field entrance


Stephanie Kroll

An aerial shot of the three minibuses creating the mashup at the Purkey Field Circle.

Stephanie Kroll, Staff Writer

There is a BPHS rule that explains that parents should not drop off or pick up their kids right in front of the school, but do so at the athletic or the Purkey Field entrance, because the front of the school is reserved for minibuses.

And that rule was made in hopes that the flow of traffic would travel much smoother.

But that’s not the way it goes after school at the Purkey Field drop off/pick up spot.

There is a road block that causes traffic and upset drivers on and off of Church Road. And that problem is three mini buses.

Those minibuses are there to pick up special needs students. But it’s the way they go about picking them up that is the issue.

Here’s how it plays out.

Two buses park in the middle of the parking lot, blocking everyone from getting through, then the third bus zips into the drive and proceeds to park behind them but right up against a light pole, hugging it almost.

And as long as these buses are here, no one can get through.

Cars can’t squeeze past the jam, kids can’t get to their parents cars without weaving between buses and even if the kid reaches their car, there’s no way to get out! The buses are in the way.

Here’s a little word of advice. If you really don’t like sitting an extra five minutes in that parking lot, park the opposite way of traffic, that way you can fly past the congestion.

All I know is that something must be done with these buses.

They could either come at a different time, or just park in their own ‘handicap van’ reserved spots.

Whatever it is they have to do to make traffic move quicker would be nice and greatly appreciated.


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