Traffic hot spot still pending repair

Stephanie Kroll, Staff Writer

The worst times you could ever drive is during rush hour, or when there’s construction on a main road.

But not only do roadblocks make it hard to navigate and weave throughout the streets, but old, worn-out traffic lights also make it extremely difficult.

One of the worst street lights around is probably the red light in Bridgeville off of Washington Pike and Chartiers Street.

This 4-way red light has people coming from all sorts of directions, and it tends to cause major traffic jams at the light and even at the next light off of Interstate 79 and Route 50.

Now, these jams are most likely caused by the lights be out of sync, or even the fact that the road is not wide enough for the immense amount of traffic that travels on that road every day.

But this problem is not unheard of. In 2014, South Fayette Township and other surrounding municipalities were made aware of this traffic issue by PennDot.

So in order to refurbish, South Fayette was granted a Green Light-Go grant of  $381,391 in order to widen some of the problem causing roads, add lanes, and most importantly, add new traffic lights that are set with signal timing to ensure a nice flow of traffic.

For those that travel these roads daily or even once every once in awhile, this was great news to hear. But the thing that isn’t nice to hear is that nothing has been done about this problem for at least three years.

Now, even though the township received a grant, they are seemingly choosing to hold off on the construction.

While South Fayette has other lights and road blockages to fix, I believe this one should at least be one of the top priorities and should have more of an urgency than others.

I say that because there is more and more build-up happening in this location every year.

For example, an Aldi, Chipotle, and even a Starbucks has opened up within the past year. And supposedly, a bank is currently being built nearby!

And if this spot does not get repaired soon, this intersection will only get worse.

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