Students Speak Out: What will be the largest problem the US will face this year?

Joanna White, Staff Writer

“Students Speak Out” is a column where each week, five students will be asked their opinions about a certain topic, and their answers will be recorded here.

So, to begin, the question this week was, “What will be the largest problem the US will face this year?”

In response to the question, Sophomore Brandon Furniss responded: “The outcome of the presidential elections and whether or not we are safe from ISIS.”

Junior John Peters said: “The largest problem? Then, probably the economy just by previous trends and seeing how things are going- I mean China isn’t doing so well, so I don’t really know.”

Junior, Lily Farmerie stated, “I’m just gonna stick with ISIS. Or the national debt.”

Another Junior, Jake Miller replied: “Political corruption.”

And finally, Senior Jacob Kiger answered: “I think that there are so many problems, that I can’t give a direct answer. But I’ll try. [I’m going with] war and politics. War in the terms of ISIS. And debt thanks to Obama for increasing our national debt.”

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