Are books better than movies?

Claire Makowski, Staff Writer

Many movies made are based on books that many fans enjoy. But do the movies made really have the same quality as the books?

People today usually read a book before they see the movie based along with it, but usually most of the time people say the book is so much better.

Movies are a great way to see the imagination of your mind in real life, but sometimes your imagination and the imagination of the director may not be the same.

Also, many times in movies, because the books are too long, important scenes in the book have to be cut out. This can affect the way viewers look at the story, if they have never read the book.

The Hunger Games, for example, written by Suzanne Collins, is an outstanding story, but if one didn’t read it before the movie, they would be terribly confused.

Even though some movies just disgrace the books, there are a select few that rise to the challenge. These movies include: The Lord of the RingsHarry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban, and Jurassic Park.

At the end of March, another movie is coming out based on the book Divergent. Many readers love this novel and the characters in it.

So will this next movie be a hit or miss? We will find out when it comes out on March 21, 2014.

Books have pros and cons to them just as movies do. Books may let the reader use there own imagination to fall in love with the characters, but a movie allows your imagination seem more real.

So are books better than movies? The answer is truly the opinion of a reader and viewer.