10 culturally diverse restaurants in Pittsburgh

Grace Regan , Deputy Opinions Editor

In the past few years, Pittsburgh has exploded with diversity in all retrospect, leading the uprise of new and culturally diverse restaurants. It is only fitting for the rest of Pittsburgh to try these restaurants to get the full experience. Here are some of the best overall restaurants.

  1. Altius- Altius provides a modern twist on classic American dishes. It opened in 2014 and put itself on the map at Mt. Washington.
  2. Tako- Tako is a Mexican restaurant and provides a great atmosphere and tacos for a reasonable price.
  3. Morcilla- Morcilla is a Spanish Tapas restaurant in the booming real estate market of Lawrenceville. It is a bit on the pricey side but is worth it for its unique dishes.
  4. Cure- Cure is located in Lawrenceville and simply is a curated meats restaurant (hence the name). Cure does offer a unique atmosphere that makes you feel like you are right in a butcher shop.
  5. Legume- Legume is located in the hub of college students, Oakland. Legume is a tapas restaurant that specializes in legumes, the French word for vegetables. Legume has reasonable prices, probably due to the fact that their main consumers are college students.
  6. FL. 2- FL. 2 is located in the Fairmont Hotel in downtown Pittsburgh. It is a modern American restaurant with a coinciding modern atmosphere.
  7. Alla Famiglia- Alla Famiglia is a classic Italian restaurant that specializes in their classic Spaghetti and meatball dish.
  8. Butcher and the Rye- Butcher and the Rye is an American restaurant with a chic atmosphere. They specialize in their meat dishes.
  9. Nola- Nola is located in Station Square and transports you to the jazz city of New Orleans. Their dishes include classic Cajun gumbo and jambalaya.
  10. Whitfield- is a retro-inspired classic upscale American restaurant. Located in Bloomfield, you will feel that you are transported back to the steel age.