Manny Mua Maybelline

Stephanie Kroll, Staff Writer

Beauty boundaries have been broken and stretched within the past year. And one of the biggest controversial topics in the makeup world happens to be the topic of men wearing makeup.

Last year, a young 17-year-old male makeup artist named James Charles made a big debut by starring in a Covergirl mascara commercial.

But now, in the start of 2017, Maybelline is following in Covergirl’s footsteps by posting a video with their brand new male makeup ambassador.

This male makeup artist is Manny Mua, a famous and admirable makeup vlogger. And he is now featured in the new Maybelline Boss Life video series on YouTube.

With his 3.4 million followers on Instagram and 2 million subscribers on YouTube, the video should capture lots of attention from all makeup lovers on the web.

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