The Weeknd lands another hit

Stephanie Kroll, Staff Writer

Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, most commonly known as The Weeknd, has rose to fame. And he’s gotten even more attention with his newly released album Starboy.

Over the past years, The Weeknd has been part of many songs that landed him spots on the Billboard chart.

In 2014, The Weeknd and Ariana Grande made “Love Me Harder” which got listed as a #7 hit onto the Billboard Hot 100. And last year, Tesfaye had his first number one hit with his song “Can’t Feel My Face.”

Since its release on Nov. 25, all 18 songs from Starboy have made it onto the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Not only does The Weeknd make it big on the charts, but he also made some big appearances on television shows and programs such as The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, 2016 American Music Awards, The Voice, and even the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show that was broadcasted on Dec. 5.

But all this attention is not a big surprise. Tesfaye, with his pop, soul, R&B, and alternative sound, is always sure to attract many listeners from all different backgrounds.

Along with dropping hit songs, Tesfaye also dropped his own clothing line that is available for purchase on his online store. 

But The Weeknd, being only 26, is certain to have more hit songs and more tours in his upcoming years as an artist in the R&B world.

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