Album Review: Ruth B’s ‘The Intro’

Joanna White, Staff Writer

In Ruth B’s Debut Album, The Intro, the artist takes her listeners to a land that is both pleasant and calming.

Ruth B or Ruth Berhe is a Canadian singer-song writer from Edmonton, Alberta; she started as a vine star in 2013, before releasing her debut song in 2015 with Columbia Records, with whom she is currently contracted. Her debut song was Lost Boy, which would be followed by the EP Album The Intro in the same year.

This album has four songs in total: “2 Poor Kids,” “Golden,” “Superficial Love,” and her debut song “Lost Boy.”

All of the songs were enjoyable, as she herself has a pleasant and calming voice. With just the piano as her only accompaniment, the songs have a simple but enjoyable nature to them. Without all the extra effects or instruments, one could really pay attention to Ruth’s voice, and take her lyrics into consideration; for, anyone could relate to a lot of the lyrics.

The songs are neither too fast paced or grating. They are light and enjoyable. One song in particular that should definitely be listened to at least once would be “2 Poor Kids.” This song is excellent. It speaks about love between two people in a rich city. They, however, are poor. When making a comment about how it’s sad that they will never be big shots, Ruth B goes on to sing in her song, “Love gets ruined by power, money and fame.” The lyrics just bring happiness to one’s heart.

All of the songs were equally excellent. There was not one song that had any sort of flaw in its lyrics, its melody, or its sound. Each had its own little story to be told while leaving the listener with a lesson that settles into the heart and should definitely be taken into consideration.

So, go check out Ruth B’s The Intro, and hopefully you’ll get some enjoyment out of it too.

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