YouTubers touring North America in later months

Stephanie Kroll, Staff Writer

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A group of seven YouTubers called My Digital Escape are touring the United States and Canada through March and April along with a musical guest, Tyler Hagen, also known as “Sounds Like Harmony.”

Each member of My Digital Escape will be performing some sort of entertainment. Bryan, Johnnie, Shannon, Jordan, and Jeydon will all be singing. While Kyle and Alex will be preforming some sort of comedy.

The only downside of this tour is that My Digital Escape is not going to be able to tour every state in the United States so you have to buy something that is close. But the drive will be worth it because you could meet every member of MDE and get something signed!

The great thing is that the ticket prices aren’t actually that bad for the whole experience. You can get a general admission ticket for just $15.  All ticket prices and ticket sales are located on MDEs’ website