Mobile Game Reviews: Cheating Tom 2

Russell Finelsen, Editor-in-Chief

It is getting close to the end of the school year and the beginning of summer vacation. However, you might not have found a game you liked that allows you to play it as long as you want. Well, in my final Mobile Game Review of the year, this game could check off all your boxes.

This time, I am reviewing Cheating Tom 2. Like all the previous games, I will judge this game on five categories: overall play, achievements, price, movement and graphics, and addiction rating. The game will receive a letter grade from each category and a total numerical grade.

1. Overall Play: For the record, do not try this at home or at final exams. You will get a true F- and most likely be suspended.

The name is just like the game. In Cheating Tom 2, the main goal of the game is to cheat and beat your foe, Scam Sam, with either Tom or Tammy. After you cheat, your grade goes up. Then, you can cheat off different people, or the same person more than once. Each time you cheat, your grade goes up until you get an A+ or the time runs out.

Once you pass levels, you will get new students, teachers, and power-ups. Some students allow you to get more percentage points while you cheat, while power-ups include making the teacher disappear or making yourself into a ghost. I will explain this in depth in the next category.

Of course, when the character is trying to cheat, the teacher will look up. They will look up randomly; but, there will be a three second warning beforehand. This also happens when the principal is preparing to look in. A teacher also looks up when a students starts crying. This happens when you cheat off of them too much, and they get mad. If a teacher catches you cheating, you automatically get an F-, and you have to redo the level.

In a level, you have to pass certain requirements. It could be ‘Get at least a B’, or, ‘Get everybody mad’, or even, ‘Don’t let anybody leave’, which happens after a certain amount of time (yes, there is a warning). If these objectives are not completed, you will also get a F-, and you will have to redo the level.

After you fail a level, you have a choice: you can either redo the level altogether, or spend a key, which gives you an extra 15 seconds to cheat. However, this costs money, which you will see later in this review.

Each time you finish a level, you get credits, which are dependent on the grade you got. Then, after you finish a set of ten levels, these credits are added up. You can advance to the next set of levels if you have more credits than Sam. There are 100 levels in the game, and you beat the game (and Sam) once you get to prom.

In concern to overall play, there is really nothing wrong with the game. And yes, there is no ‘but’.

Grade: A+

2. Achievements: There are many achievements in the game, but in a different kind of way. You start the game with a certain amount of students and teachers. Then, after you complete a certain amount of levels, you unlock more students and teachers. The students help you cheat, either by the number or the ones that give you double points. Meanwhile, new teachers have different ways of watching students, which means different ways of catching Tom.

You can also unlock power-ups. These power-ups either turn you into a ghost, so the teacher cannot see you; make the teacher disappear; freeze the timer; and others. These achievements also help you beat the level and the game. Thus, achievements are also very good in this game.

Grade: A+

3. Price: This game is very cheap. Money is needed to buy extra lives and such, which help you beat the game. However, the most expensive item is only $3.99. Compared to other games, like Hay Day (which I reviewed last month), this game is very cheap. Therefore, in terms of price, this game passes with flying colors.

Grade: A+

4. Graphics and Movement: Graphics are very good. The game accurately depicts a school and people, whether they be students or teachers (or aliens, because the game has those, too). In addition, the image is not pixelated too much.

In addition, the character moves very well. It does not glitch, and Tom is not slow when you move him. Thus, movement is also good.

Grade: A+

5. Addiction Rating: This is the only category in which the game fails by a lot. Not even cheating can help this grade.

This game is super addicting. You always want to try and beat the next level. Soon enough, you have been on the game for 30 minutes, and you are still not ready to take your eyes and forefingers off your device’s screen. Therefore, this game is super addicting.

Grade: F

Overall Grade: 95/100

This game is one of the best games I encountered. As long as you can avoid getting addicted to it, it is great to play. But again, this game should not be used in real life, so DO NOT CHEAT!

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