Mobile Game Reviews: Hay Day

Russell Finelsen, Assistant Editor, Chief Sports Editor, Assistant Column Editor

Earlier this year, I did a review on SimCity BuildIt. In this game, you have to build a city from scratch. However, with this review, we are shifting from the urban areas to the rural region.

This time, I am reviewing Hay Day. Like all the other games, I will judge this game on five categories: overall play, achievements, price, movement and graphics, and addiction rating. The game will receive a letter grade from each category and a total numerical grade.

1. Overall Play: The goal of the game is to build a successful farm. You can grow many crops, including sugarcane, corn, and wheat. You can use these crops up to make bread, sugar, or food for cows, pigs, and other animals. Then, you can use the milk from the cows to make cream or butter. Then, after you get these items, you can use the finished crops to fulfill orders.

After each order is fulfilled, you earn coins and level points. These coins help you buy needed crops and machinery. Meanwhile, every time you pass a level, more things are unlocked, like a barbeque. The only problem is that it could take up to 8 hours to build something. Otherwise, it is a great game to play.

Grade: A

2. Achievements: There are many ways to get achievements. One way is to complete orders. Then, you will get points to help you jump to the next level. There are also individual achievements. For example, you can level points after fulfilling a certain amount of orders, selling individual crops to customers, or building machinery to make other goods, like sugar and cornbread. Thus, achievements are very good on this game.

Grade: A+

3. Price: Coins and diamonds are needed to buy necessary pieces of machinery to be able to make food like bread and cream. However, for a large amount of coins and diamonds, prices can range up to $99.99. This is very expensive for a farm set in a fiction times, and it is unrealistic. Who wants to spend almost $100 for fake bread in a video game when you can spend $3 for edible bread?

Grade: F

4. Graphics and Movement: Graphics are very realistic. The game accurately depicts a farm and its business (growing crops, making bread, etc.). I cannot complain about graphics.

Movement is the same story. Nothing moves slowly, and there are no glitches. The car moves easily and it is easy to move buildings. Thus, movement is very good.

Grade: A

5. Addiction Rating: It is kind of hard to get addicted to this game. For each item, you have to wait a certain amount of time for it to be ready. Thus, you can leave the game and do other games. However, if you constantly use diamonds to speed up the process, you could get addicted. And, even then, you will gradually run out of diamonds. Thus, it would take some effort to get addicted to the game.

Grade: A-

Overall Grade: 91/100

This is a good game overall. The only bad thing about the game is the price, and that can be easily overlooked. Thus, this game should be downloaded for a fan of farms and building.