Mobile Game Reviews: King of the Course Golf

Russell Finelsen, Staff Writer, Assistant Editor, Sports Editor

So far in the Mobile Game Review series, I have not done an article on a sports game. To me, this is very surprising, as I am an avid sports fan. Now, here is a sports game that even a sports hater might like.

This time, I am reviewing King of the Course Golf. Like every other game, I will judge this game on its overall play, achievements, price, graphics and movement, and addiction rating. I will give a letter rating for each singular category, and then a total numerical grade.

1. Overall Play: King of the Course Golf was developed by Electronic Arts, which makes other sports games (Madden NFL, anyone?). This game is not what you expect, though.

Instead of just jumping on a golf course to start hitting balls, a player goes through each level to advance. These levels include stroke play, trick shots, teeing off, and putting. In addition, the game’s golfers play on the world’s most famous golf courses, which includes TPC Sawgrass, St. Andrews, and Pinehurst. Furthermore, real life golfers like Bubba Watson, Jason Dufner, and Keegan Bradley appear on the game to give tips to the beginner and try to beat the expert.

Hitting the ball itself is simple. You just hold down and swipe up to swing. While the ball is in the air, you can alter its direction and speed. You can also change the angle in which you are hitting the ball. This helps you get the best result possible.

However, this game does have its flaws. One big mistake is that some levels are repeated. You could have stroke play in level four and then in levels six and nine. Thus, you cannot experience new golf challenges. Otherwise, it is great to play.

Grade: B+

2. Achievements: There are few achievements. The game advertises that you unlock a course after level ten, but after you complete the level, the mysterious course disappears. There are other achievements, though, that can help you go through the game.

Grade: C+

3. Price: Even though some aspects are cheap, overall, this game is outrageous. It is not purchasing the game itself, since it is free. It is its in-game purchases. These can range from 99 cents to $99.99. For that price, you might as well save up and buy a real pair of golf clubs.

Grade: F

4. Graphics and Movement: This game has some of the best graphics a game can have. It accurately portrays a real golf course and a real golfer, even down to the bunkers and clothes.

Movement is also above par. The game does not lag, and you can easily swing your club to hit the ball. Even though it might take some time to get used to, it is easy to move a character on the game.

Grade: A+

5. Addiction Rating: This game is not very addicting. Unless you are a golf addict, this game is easy to start and stop. This is mostly due to the use of levels. After a level is completed, you can stop the game and leave to do something else.

Grade: A

Overall Rating: 89.49/100

Other than its price, this game is in its prime. Pretty soon, the game will get an ace due to its superb graphics and overall play.