Mobile Game Reviews: City Driving 3D

Russell Finelsen, Staff Writer, Assistant Editor, Sports Editor

In my last article in this series, I talked about SimCity BuildIt, where you build a city from the ground up. However, in that game, you cannot control cars. And, you might want to move the car, not the city’s buildings. Well, I have a game that might be worthy of consideration.

My new review is on the game called City Driving 3D. Like my last two articles in the series, I will judge the game on overall play, achievements, price, movement and graphics, and addiction rating. The game will receive a letter grade for each category and an overall numerical rating at the end.

1. Overall Play: The objective of the game is to drive the car in each level from Point A to Point B. There are different cars, stories, weather conditions, and courses for one to pick from. In addition, the game includes all the traffic rules that are incorporated in a regular city.

However, there are many stories that you do not want to do. (You are either a ‘new love’ or ‘angry girlfriend’ person, if you know what I mean.) Also, it’s hard to control the car due to where they put the pedals. One might have to use both hands, one for the pedals and one for the steering, if you do not want to tilt the device. These things can hamper your ability to play the game.

Grade: C+

2. Achievements: This game lacks achievements. You just receive coins for each level passed, and the coins can really only go toward buying a new car. So, if you do not want a new car, what is the point of the coins?

Grade: C-

3. Price: Most of what you can buy are coins. However, these coins are relatively cheap. The most expensive item is $9.99, a tenth of the price of the most expensive item in most games. Therefore, you can buy coins in the game for a car in the game, and save more money for a real car in your driveway.

Grade: A

4. Graphics and Movement: The movement in this game is one of the worst I have ever seen. It is very hard to turn the car, because the game lags so much. Thus, the car cannot make a sharp left or right turn. In addition, the car also lags in terms of speed. You might be going 40, but it will seem like 25.

In terms of graphics, it is not much better. The buildings are not shown well, and sometimes, you might only see half of it. Furthermore, the cars are also not shown well, and the road can appear in different colors at some times. Seriously, who would want to drive a black car on a purple road next to a building that is half there, half not?

Grade: F

5. Addiction Rating: This game is not very addicting. At anytime, either after you finish a level or fix your car, you can exit the game and play it later. However, if you are like me, and you fail a level, you want to keep doing it over and over again until you succeed in passing it. If you do this, you could be on this game for awhile.

Grade: B

Overall Grade: 72/100

This game is for the car enthusiast who can deal with subpar graphics and have patience when driving the car. If you are not that person, I suggest a different game.