Student Art of the Week: Hannah Fleming’s glossy craft


Hannah Fleming

Junior Hannah Fleming showcases her artwork titled “Affliction”

Stephanie Kroll, Managing Editor, Opinions Editor

What inspired this piece? “My brother got hit in the face, and I had to take pictures for evidence, and it turned into an art piece.”

How long did it take to complete this? “It took me about 2-3 days.”

What materials did you use to make this? “I used paints and a gloss varnish.”

How many art classes have you taken in high school? “I’ve taken eight art classes.”

Do you create art outside of school? “I mostly create all my art out of school since school does not give me great motivation for my work.”

How important do you think art is to society? “Art is like a therapy for society. It lets peoples’ minds explore even if they are not artistic and it lets them find meaning behind the work that relates to them. Art is a very universal language.”

What artist are you most inspired by? “I’m not really inspired by an artist. I would much rather be inspired by my own work to achieve better, rather than looking up to an artist because that slowly starts to look like a replica of the previous artist’s work.”

How do you stay creative? “I honestly don’t stay creative. I get artist block all the time and cannot get the inspiration for pieces for months so I kinda wait for that ‘ah-ha’ moment.”

Do you plan to do anything art related after you graduate? “After I graduate, I plan to become a tattoo artist and also study art and history in college.”

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