Fun Faculty Fact Friday: Ms. Robb’s essential oils


Ms. Robb poses with Lauren Mullen and Logan Wright

Ms. Robb is a math teacher here at BPHS and loves her essential oils.

When asked how she discovered essential oils, she explained how she had a back injury and that the medicines for it did not help her. So, she explored different options– essential oils. In 2013, she became a dōTERRA advocate which is where she sells essential oils.

When asked about the quantity of her collection, she said, “I have all of them,” and explained that she had them in some kind of tackle box to keep them organized.

There are many different types of oils, and when asked if she had some for illnesses, she said, “They are for symptoms such as stomach pains, stuffy nose, and sore throat, etc..”

If you were to go to Ms. Robb’s house, she said that it would smell like oils because she wears them every day, and she sometimes sprays the air vents.

When asked if these oils changed her life, she said, “Yeah, I would definitely say they were contributors to help support my body after my back injury. I have been more in touch with my body and have learned how my body communicates to me.”

Ms. Robb doesn’t force her essential oils on anyone; however, if a student in her class has a stuffy nose, a stomach ache, etc.., she will call them to her room and use the oils to aid them and their needs.

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