Fun Faculty Fact Friday: Mr. Pierson has a plethora of Pez


Lauren Mullen and Juliana Carbone

Mr. Pierson, a history teacher here at BPHS, has a rather extensive collection of Pez. In fact, he has over 300 of the little, Austrian mechanical candy dispensers.

He has been collecting Pez for 15 years. What is interesting is that he himself has never bought a single Pez. His surplus of Pez were all gifted to him.

Mr. Pierson’s collection began during the holiday season awhile back when an SGA student got him snowman and Santa Claus Pez dispensers. He then used the hard candies as rewards when students would answer hard questions or get a good grade. As a result, his students continued to buy Pez and bring them in.

Some of the Pez Mr. Pierson has includes: multiple past presidents of the United States, which is his favorite collection; holiday related Pez; superheros; celebrities; Hulk Hogan; hearts; Mario Kart characters; and animals.

When asked what his final goal is when it comes to his Pez, he replied with, “I want to get all the rest of the presidents that I do not yet have.”

Students one year had to teach his class for the day, and they used a Pez dispenser with his face taped to it. When asked if he could have any person on a Pez, he replied with, “a real one of himself would be pretty cool.”

Mr. Pierson’s favorite is his “Honest Abe” Pez dispenser. He has an extensive amount of presidents, but when asked if he was missing any, he said, “The rest of the presidents.”