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BPHS Voices: Should teachers be allowed to carry?

A new bill in the Pennsylvania senate proposes that school employees could carry on school grounds.

Haley Radcliffe, Assistant Editor

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A Senate Committee in Harrisburg passed a bill from PA Senator Don White on Wednesday, April 19 recommending Pennsylvania school employees be able to carry weapons on school grounds. The idea for the bill came about after Senator White witnessed the effects of the stabbing at Franklin Regional High School in 2014. The bill passed after a 9-3 committee vote, and moved to the full Pennsylvania Senate.

The law specifies that a district’s school board will be permitted to decide whether staff members can access guns on school grounds; in addition, employees would need to obtain a license to carry, and obtain firearms training certification.

BPHS English teacher, Mr. Allemang, believes the ALICE method, which has been in use since 2013, is already an efficient way of responding to an intruder. Allemang said, “I don’t necessarily think allowing teachers to carry guns is an effective solution to the problem because it sends the wrong message– as Mother Teresa said, ‘an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.'”

Senior Molly McDowell said, “The only people who should be able to carry on campus are the law enforcers,” referring to school police officers.

“I think that having more guns in a school environment really can only cause more trouble,” said another senior Tyler Smith.

Most of BPHS seemed to have the same disapproving opinion on this issue. A few representatives in SGA responded by saying, “How is that a good idea?”

Kyle Coplan, SGA Vice President, said, “Having guns in school is stupid.”

In addition, science teacher Mr. Johns said, “NO WAY! We don’t need them.”

What is your stance? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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The student news of Bethel Park High School.
BPHS Voices: Should teachers be allowed to carry?