Fantastically Fabulous Feature: Joanna White is making a difference in the community!


Joanna White is this week's "Fantastically Fabulous Feature."

Tessa Helfer, Staff Writer

Junior student, Joanna White, is being awarded this week’s Fantastically Fabulous Feature. Congrats Joanna!

Joanna is being noticed for lending a helping hand in the community and being focused on helping others. She is involved in Interactwhich is a volunteer organized club through the high school that strives to improve the community one step at a time.

“I joined the club this year as a freshman,” she said.

Joanna has been involved in many of Interact’s volunteer works and continues to be a great example of leadership. She is actively putting her best effort into every opportunity given that would benefit others.

In the beginning of the year, the Interact Club helped out with a special needs baseball team. Also, Interact collected Halloween candy throughout the high school and community to donate to local hospitals to children who may not have gotten the chance to go trick-or-treating or even receive candy.

For Christmas, the club members, including Joanna, went to Toys “R” Us after school to buy small presents to wrap and send off to children who may not receive many or if any presents whatsoever.

Joanna said, “I really liked that we were going to buy gifts for children who aren’t as lucky as we are, because when I was little, I always wanted to help out and now I can actually make a difference.”

Another project that Joanna and the Interact club took part in was visiting senior citizens in nursing homes. Throughout the year, the club makes multiple trips to the senior citizen center or centers to spend time with and keep senior citizens company.

“It felt really special to visit the senior citizens because I know they appreciated us being there with them.”

It was fun to talk to them (senior citizens) because they were so nice and inspirational,” said Joanna.

Joanna is a volunteer both in and outside of the community and Hawk Eye is proud to be awarding her this week’s Fantastically Fabulous Feature. 

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