Roses & Thorns: Mrs. Murphy, IMS Students & Mother Nature

Greydon Tomkowitz, Editor-In-Chief

This week on Roses & Thorns, I will be discussing TWO roses winners and a thorn. The two winners of the rose are Mrs. Murphy in the administration office and the IMS students Hawk Eye spoke to on Friday.

So first up is Mrs. Murphy. We’ve all had it happen, you walk into the school and all of a sudden you remember- YOU HAVE GYM CLASS! So you text home to see if someone can drop off your gym clothes. After your parents drop off your gym clothes, they sit piled on poor Mrs. Murphy’s desk until you come up to get them. Sometimes I’ve seen the stack of gym bags, lunch bags, paperwork, and other miscellaneous items piled so high that you can barely see Mrs. Murphy. So to you Mrs. Murphy, I give a DOZEN GYM BAG SMELL BUSTING ROSES to sweeten the smell of your office.

Second, the IMS students. Last Friday, Hawk Eye writers walked up to IMS in the cold to talk about the importance of journalism and the journalism class. I promised them the rose for sitting and quietly listening as we shamelessly promoted Hawk Eye to a bunch of middle school students who really didn’t want to listen to us. So, to the IMS students I give a BLACK HAWK BLACK AND ORANGE ROSE for listening to Mr. Allemang’s journalism rap on Friday.

Finally, this week’s thorn goes to Mother Nature. Mother Nature gets the thorn for several reasons, first for not snowing enough to get us a sleep boosting delay this morning. I’m sure I speak for all students when I say that a little more sleep this morning would have been great. Secondly, she gets the thorn because of how messed up our seasons have been this year. We have winter days that are warmer than some of our summer days, and then later in the week temperatures so cold that a polar bear would want a blanket. So to you Mother Nature I give a SNOW WHITE BUT RED HOT THORN for screwing with the seasons.

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