Roses & Thorns: Cheerleaders & Cancelled Snowball Dance

Greydon Tomkowitz, Editor-In-Chief

This week’s Roses & Thorns discusses the success of the BPHS Cheerleaders at states and the cancellation of the Snowball dance.

First, I award a CHEERFUL BLACK AND ORANGE ROSE to the BPHS cheerleaders who took fourth place at the state competition in Hershey this past weekend. They will continue on to compete at the national level in Orlando, Florida. So thank you cheerleaders for representing our school well at the state level, and I am sure you will meet with great success at the national competition!

Next, I award a FRIGID SNOW WHITE AND FROZEN THORN to the cancellation of the Snowball Dance. This event was going to promote some more school spirit at BPHS. However, due to a lack of ticket purchases, the event was cancelled. BPHS has almost 1,500 students in attendance, but not even 100 students would go to this event. I hope that as we move forward, school participation in new events will be greater than the interest shown in this dance.

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