Fantastically Fabulous Feature: Timmy Nuss and his rockin’ glasses!


Tessa Helfer

Timothy Nuss featuring his rockin' glasses.

Tessa Helfer, Staff Writer

This week’s Fantastically Fabulous Feature spotlight is shining on freshman student, Timothy Nuss.

Not only can Timmy play volleyball, but he can also rock those glasses!

Timmy has been wearing glasses since he was six years old due to the fact that he has nowhere close to 20/20 vision.

When asked if he has a favorite brand of glasses, Timmy commented, “No, just whatever floats my boat.”

“I do like bigger sized glasses though.”

Although Timmy does not yet have contacts, he says he will definitely still wear his glasses to school because he likes the “look” they give him.

“My mom actually picked these (his glasses) out for me and I’m pretty happy she did.”

To all of the people who maybe are scared to get glasses or do not feel confident in them, Timmy says, “Listen up right here. Glasses are pretty cool and I think you’re pretty cool.”

If you are struggling to feel confident in wearing your glasses maybe to school or out in public, remember that glasses were invented to benefit you and how much they impact your eyesight. Also, try to find a pair that fits your personal preference and show your uniqueness. Don’t be afraid to be you.

“Glasses should be looked at positively, not negatively .”

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