Roses & Thorns: Bethel Park and Snow


Greydon Tomkowitz, Editor-In-Chief

Starting this week, I will be publishing a weekly article entitled Roses & Thorns in which I will recognize students, staff, community members, anything really for positive or negative impact on Bethel Park by giving them either a Rose or a Thorn.

So for the week of January 10, I give a RUBY RED ROSE to Bethel Park in general. On top of being a wonderful community in our minds, Bethel Park has made the Top 100 Best Small Towns in the USA according to WalletHub. The criteria for making this prestigious list includes cost of living, quality of life, education quality, and health quality. Bethel Park scored very highly in all of these categories, joining the prestigious 100 towns ranked as the “Best in America.”

Next, I give a THICK THERMAL THORN to snow. As anyone who has four seasons a year can tell you, winter is the worst of the four and all because of our old friend snow. This week we are supposed to get almost 8 inches of snow and experience temperatures in the sub zero range, as well as winds upwards of 25 MPH. That weather forecast is bad enough to give snow a thorn in my book!

Have an idea for next week’s Roses & Thorns? Comment below to share your idea!