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Vincent Taormina

Vincent Taormina, Staff Writer

For years, Vinny has fought to stay out of trouble and in school. He has finally turned his life around in hopes of chasing his dreams.  

Vincent "Vinny"  Taormina is a Bethel Park senior. He took the opportunity to attend Steel Center ATV's Collision Repair class and hopes to further his career after high school. Although, he has always dreamed of becoming an actor. He is hoping when he turns 18 there will be more opportunities to start his acting career.  When asked about graduation, Vinny had mixed feelings; he was happy but also stated he missed out on a lot freshman and sophomore years.

Vinny wants to move out of Pittsburgh after high school. He would prefer to live in Texas, Colorado, or Puerto Rico, but he would honestly live wherever as long as it's not Pittsburgh.

Vinny participated in track sophomore year, but the season was cut short due to COVID-19. He has chosen to end his track career and focus on work and family.

When not in school, Vinny is either working or with his girlfriend. He also enjoys listening to music and playing video games.

Vinny works at a local pizza shop. He is currently working to fix up his Bronco and hopefully sell it. His dream car would be anything with a Hellcat Motor. Vinny's goal is to work hard in life to be able to travel to Colorado, Puerto Rico, and Sicily.


Written by Anabel Franzmann, Staff Writer

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Vincent Taormina