BPHS honors National Children’s Grief Awareness Day


Vincent Taormina

A student pauses and looks at the tree with names of lost loved ones written on butterflies.

Vincent Taormina, Staff Writer

Losing a loved one is a normal occurrence and often a big part of everyone’s lives. Although it is normal, that doesn’t make it any easier to go through, let alone as a child.

The purpose of National Children’s Grief Awareness Day is to take the time to let the children who suffered or are suffering understand that they are not alone.

Many students have lost a grandparent or pet, while others have lost parents, siblings and friends.

No matter who you lose, it is important you take the proper amount of time to mourn and remember who they were.

During this time, you may feel alone, but you aren’t.

BPHS provided students (and staff) the opportunity to remember those who they lost by writing the names of those loved ones on paper butterflies and sticking them to a paper tree in the cafeteria.

This helped students stay anonymous while also feeling a sense of security and welcome. You may not know everybody who put a butterfly up, but if you do, take a moment to share the stories you have about your loved ones. You may make a true friend in the process or feel as though you’re not alone with your feelings.

Whatever your situation is, you do not have to face grief alone. There’s always someone to talk and relate to. Your feelings are natural and a part of who you are.  BPHS understands this and did an amazing job in supporting National National Childhood Grief Day.