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Julia Angotti, Staff Writer

Julia commits herself to BPHS in more ways than one can imagine.

Julia Angotti represents many clubs such as Hawk Eye, Vernissage, and also plays softball. Furthermore, she participates in the Hand Bell Group at her local church as well as being a second degree black belt!

Julia stated, “The mysteries of the universe intrigue me!” She claims to watch the Big Bang Theory in a lot of her free time, and she absolutely loves it!

Also, in Julia’s free time one could find her doing multiple activities that include browsing the internet, drawing digital pictures, reading whatever she can grasp her hands on, writing, Japanese cartoons called Anime, Japanese comic books called Mogna, online comics (especially Home Stuck), listening to country, j-pop, or fan music, playing the clarinet, or last but certainly not least, snacking on some delicious candy from time to time!

Something most people would not know about Juila Angotti happens to be that she is involved in Cosplay. “Cosplay is the Japanese art of dressing up and acting like a specific character,” Julia said. She attends conventions with her friend to practice this unique and creative Japanese art.

Additionally, in just 7th grade Julia was forced, by her friends, to sign up for the newspaper club. She ended up falling in love with it! Then, 8th grade came along and the newspaper club hit a drought and ended. When entering into High School, Julia knew that she had to make up for lost time and rekindle the flame by taking Journalism as a class.

Julia Angotti asserts herself in so many acitivities, in school and at home, to keep herself active and involved with her High School. Maybe a good idea would be to for you to do the same. Go have a conversation with Julia Angotti, because it's doubtful you would not learn something intruiging and new!

Written by: Mariah Penascino, Staff Writer

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Julia Angotti