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Jaden Goodman

Jaden Goodman, Staff Writer

While everyone else is sleeping early in the morning, Jaden Goodman is awake and getting shots up on the basketball court.

Goodman is a junior at BPHS and plays small forward for the varsity basketball team.

The reason Jaden decided to take journalism is he has multiple friends in the class and he assumes that it will be fun because it is taught by Mr. Allemang.

"I will be the best writer of all time," said Goodman

Jaden wants to primarily write about sports for Hawk Eye.

Goodman plans on going to college but is undecided about what he is going to major in.

Jaden's favorite food has to be "definitely Burrito Bowls from Chipotle."

Jaden Goodman is a hard worker and is going to show it this year while writing for the paper.

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Jaden Goodman