Steelers get the guy for QB

Matthew Scabilloni, Sports Editor

Mitchell Trubisky is presumed to be heir to the Steelers QB throne.

Trubisky seems to be ready for the challenge texting to ESPN Senior NFL Insider, Adam Schefter: “I am beyond excited and blessed for the opportunity to be a part of the Steelers Organization. I have tremendous respect for the Rooney Family and Coach Tomlin. They have built one of the best rosters in football and I can’t wait to contribute and help this team continue their success.”

The 27-year-old Trubisky will add a new face to the Steelers’ relatively weak QB room. Trubisky has the arm strength, athleticism, and potential that you want in a younger NFL QB.

Trubisky’s arm strength will help the Steelers’ offense stretch the field way more than they were last year with Ben Roethlisberger.  Giving more chances for WRs Diontae Johnson and Chase Claypool to beat DBs over the top. His arm strength will also help the Steelers with passing the ball more to the middle of the field rather than throwing to the sidelines as often as they did last year.

Trubisky’s athleticism will help the Steelers’ offense have more than just the option of having RB Najee Harris run the ball. He causes the defense to worry about his running ability along with Harris’. His athleticism will also often help him to escape collapsing pockets and give him more time to extend the play. Which is something the Steelers did not have much of last season.

Trubisky still has the potential to be great. He wasn’t given much of a shot with the Bears with them having a bad roster with not much talent, but at the end of his tenure with the Bears, you could see the potential there. In his final five starts with the Bears threw for 1,253 yards, with eight TDs and three INTs, and with a completion rate of 74%. Which all is very impressive for a QB that the Bears organization thought was not worth keeping.

Trubisky may not end up being the franchise QB for years to come for the Steelers organization, but he is definitely a great bridge QB for the Steelers’ future franchise QB.