Two high-powered offenses meet Thursday night in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh+quarterback+Kenny+Pickett%288%29+during+during+the+second+quarter+of+the+NCAA+football+game+between+the+Clemson+Tigers+and+Pitt+Panthers+on+November+28%2C+2020%3A+at+Memorial+Stadium+in+Clemson%2C+SC.++%28Photo+by+Carl+Ackerman%29, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Pittsburgh quarterback Kenny Pickett(8) during during the second quarter of the NCAA football game between the Clemson Tigers and Pitt Panthers on November 28, 2020: at Memorial Stadium in Clemson, SC. (Photo by Carl Ackerman)

Matthew Scabilloni, Staff Writer

The University of North Carolina (5-4), who is fresh off of a 58-55 victory against No. 9 Wake Forest, comes into Pittsburgh No. 21 (6-2) on a Thursday night at 7:30 p.m.

This game is going to feature two high-powered offenses and two defenses that have been susceptible to big plays. Expect a lot of points in this game. The over-under for the game is currently 74.5 according to Fanduel. Don’t be shocked if the over hits.

The x-factor for these two teams is both quarterbacks: Kenny Pickett of the Pittsburgh Panthers and Sam Howell of North Carolina Tarheels.

Kenny Pickett is playing like a Heisman candidate right now. He is currently throwing for 3,171 yards and 29 TDs while rushing for two TDs. When Pickett steps onto the field with Pitt this year, he always gives them a better chance of winning. In this upcoming game, he will be needed for this team more than he ever has.

Sam Howell started the 2021 season off rough but has recently got back to his Heisman form. He was predicted to be a top candidate this season. Throughout the 2021 season, he has thrown for 2408 yards and 20 TDs while rushing for eight TDs.

Similar to Pickett, Howell also gives his UNC team a better chance of winning. He will be needed for UNC just as much as Pitt needs Pickett.

The way Pitt wins this game is if Kenny Pickett plays like he has all season with little to no mistakes the entire game.

Pickett also needs some help from his receivers including Jordan Addison who has been making spectacular plays like he has all year.

The defense needs to play as they did in the second half against Duke. The defense can help Pitt win this game by getting to Sam Howell and making him feel Pitt’s defense’s presence. This will give Pitt a tremendous chance of beating UNC

The way UNC wins this game is Sam Howell has a performance as he did in recent weeks. Howell has to do that by being a threat through the air and on the ground with the help of UNC RB Ty Chandler.

Pitt plays a defense that presses their corners while blitzing often. If the blocking is good enough for Howell to survey the field and not be pressured, this will give UNC a tremendous chance of beating Pitt.