Opinion: Fans should be allowed back at games


Evan Manion

Students cheer at the boys varsity basketball game vs. USC on Jan. 31, 2020.

Matthew Szymanowski, Staff Writer

As we approach the one year mark of the beginning of COVID-19, one of the biggest impacts the virus has had is on the sports world.

Sports have taken significant financial losses, mainly due to minimal or no attendance from fans.

The question today is: Should fans be back allowed at all the games?

Since the beginning of the coronavirus in March of 2020, the United States has lost almost 500,000 people due to COVID-related complications.

However, almost 28 million people are known to have been infected by the coronavirus, causing the death rate to be 1.8%, according to the CDC. Of that 1.8%, most of them had underlying health issues.

In early January, the United States had a day where there were over 315,000 new cases. However, we have not had a day with 100,000 cases since February 6.

With these numbers, we can clearly see that the death rate is extremely low and daily cases are trending downward over the last two weeks.

Also, over 64 million Americans have been given the vaccine. If effective, like top officials say it is, then over 64 million people will not be affected by this virus anymore.

With all this evidence, is there any reason to continue to keep fans out?

The answer is no. Let the fans back in, not just in professional sports, but in collegiate and high school sports as well.

Every hockey and basketball team should have at least 25% of fans allowed in, if not more. Since it is an indoor event, it would be more likely for the virus to spread. If everyone wears a mask, then there is no reason not to.

Outdoor events, such as football or baseball, could have max capacity. According to research, it is much less likely for the virus to spread when you are outside in fresh air. There would be no logical reason to not let fans in at baseball or football games if you are all outside.

There will be opposition to what I am writing, but if you do not want to go to a game, no one is forcing you! Stay inside where you feel more safe, but let these organizations get fans back in to make more money and provide a better sports atmosphere.