Injuries are taking over NFL

Barkley, McCaffrey, Bosa among victims


Keith Allison from Hanover, MD, USA / CC BY-SA (

Christian McCaffrey gears up for his game against the Washington Redskins on Oct. 14, 2018.

Max Radcliffe, Staff Writer

The NFL kick-started their season on Thursday, Sept. 9.  Since then, countless superstars have been held out of practice and even suffered season-ending injuries just within the first three weeks.

After all, there were no preseason games for the NFL like there usually are.  Typically, there are four preseason games; this year, there were none. This could have definitely taken a toll on some of the players’ bodies.

Also, players may not have been ready when it came to game time.  Not only were there no preseason games, but players may have been faced with new workout routines to try and quickly get back into their football bodies.  Some steps may have been rushed and not with enough attention or help.

Along with new workout routines, athletes were given a much shorter training camp.  At training camp, players finally can get hands-on with their new team and start practicing together.  Without the full camp, players may not be ready when it comes to game time and they may not be 100 percent.

As a result, teams will face adversity when players get hurt.  Whether it is having enough confidence in the backup player or even going as far as signing a whole new player from free agency.

Major names throughout the NFL have been released out to the public regarding injuries.  Injuries have occurred on both sides of the ball, offense and defense.

Star running back for the New York Giants Saquon Barkley tore his ACL against the Chicago Bears on Sunday, Sept. 20.  Joe Judge, coach of the New York Giants, was devastated when he told the news of his young player.  Judge said, “It’s gonna be a heck of a story.”  The Giants have since signed Devonta Freeman, free agent, and he will likely be the new running back.

Christian McCaffrey, running back for the Carolina Panthers, has suffered a high ankle sprain and will likely miss 4-6 weeks.  Although this is not a major injury like Barkley’s, it is still sad to see such talent sitting on a bench because of an injury.  Christian McCaffrey said: “I was not at 100 percent.  It started getting worse and worse.”

Defense has also had a major hit due to injuries.  Nick Bosa, a defensive end for the San Francisco 49ers, also suffered a torn ACL the same day as Barkley.  When asked about how the injuries affected him, Kyle Shanahan, head coach of the San Francisco 49ers, said, “It impacts us a lot… there are some key players with some bad injuries, and it always makes it a little bit harder.”

Injuries can also affect fans who love watching their favorite players no matter the sport.  People love the adrenaline they feel while focused on a game.  Injuries have caused a lot of pain and suffering throughout the NFL season thus far.

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