Professional sports scrambling under coronavirus


Sam Benson Smith/WEBN-TV via Flickr, cc

Roger Goodell taking questions at his State of the League press conference.

Dan Del Bene , Staff Writer

With the coronavirus pandemic in full effect, all different types of professional sports are scrambling to find ways to finish or start seasons.

The sporting universe is put on hold as the world is mostly shut down. Many different ideas and thoughts are being brought up to attempt to save the 2020 season.

Starting with both the NHL and NBA, in which seasons were on their way towards the postseason, commissioners of both leagues are attempting to come up with the right time to finish the seasons.

Even then when the leagues get the ok to start up again, they have to get all of the players back in game shape. ESPN reporter Brian Windhorst says that the NBA is putting together a “25-day return to basketball window” which allows the players to practice with their team and players once again before they play other teams. Also, the leagues will most likely forgo the end of the regular season and go straight to the playoffs.

The PGA and MLB are still on the bubble about when they should get back on the fields and links. The MLB has thought of a crazy new plan that would rearrange all of the divisions and would only play at the organizations’ spring training facilities in Florida and Arizona.  This would be with no fans allowed and the players would have to sit in different seats in the stands at least six feet apart.

The PGA which was getting ready for their biggest event of the year, the Masters, had to reschedule all of the major tournaments into the fall. The British Open had to be canceled. The other three majors are now scheduled for August, September and November.

Lastly, both the NFL and college football are planning to stay with their usual schedules amid the pandemic. The NFL especially is not changing dates as the NLF draft is coming up on April 23. The draft will not be held in Las Vegas as of planned and commissioner Rodger Goodell will announce the first round in his basement. Picks will be selected by general managers in their homes.  Since both sports start in the fall, we will have to wait and see if all of football will be able to go on as planned.

With all spring sports being pushed back, this allows us to enjoy a packed schedule in late summer and early fall.