World Series Trophy breaks during Boston’s celebration parade

Anastasia Williams, Staff Writer

After the Boston Red Sox won their 9th World Series Championship and first since 2013 by beating the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 5 by a score of 5-1, there was a lot of excitement all around the city of Boston and the state of Massachusetts for that matter.

On Halloween, Wednesday, Oct. 31, the Red Sox had their celebration parade. That being said, the fans of the Red Sox were a little too excited about their team winning.

They were throwing beer cans at the float that the players, coaches, etc. were on.

The World Series trophy got hit on the top right shattering some of the gold that comes up from the bottom of it.

Luckily, the trophy was already repaired and is as good as new for next year.

Another victim of the beer can throwings was Red Sox manager Alex Cora’s daughter who was one of the people who got hit with a can.

Luckily, his daughter is okay, and in an interview with ESPN, Cora said, “I’ve just got to be ready to make that play.”

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