JuJu Smith-Schuster returns to high school again


John Allemang

FEELING LIT, the student section cheers as JuJu Smith-Schuster joins them.

Lauren Mullen, Social Media Editor

At the Hawks’ football game vs. Baldwin on Friday, Oct. 12, a new, but familiar face was seen in the student section.

After JuJu Smith-Schuster arrived in his Polaris Slingshot on a chilly night, he went out and took the coin toss with both teams.

He then made his way throughout the whole stadium, visiting all of the students. In fact, in an interview with Skylar Ruth from Steelers Youth Football, Smith-Schuster said, “That student section over there of Bethel Park, I can’t wait to get in to that.”

First, he visited and danced with the Baldwin cheerleaders.

Following this, he  jumped into the BP student section and cheered and took videos of all the students getting hype for him as they chanted, “We love JuJu.”

Senior Alex Mullen was up close and personal when JuJu was in the student section. He said, “It was a surreal experience. I ‘accidentally’ put my arm around him  (wink, wink) and he was a boulder of a man.”

After he left the student section, he made it on the sidelines and pumped up the players following big plays.

He then went and danced with BP’s cheer team and celebrated a touchdown in their cheer circle.

At the end of his visit, No. 19 joined the marching band in the stands and began to dance with them using Bethette shakers as some props.

The amount of energy JuJu Smith-Schuster brought to the stadium helped fuel the Black Hawks to a 21-7 victory.

If you talk to anyone who was there on Friday, they would definitely describe it as “Lit.”