Athlete of the Week: Sean McGowan


Paul Studt

ON THE RUN, running back Sean McGowan has his eyes on the end zone

Juliana Carbone, Deputy Photography Editor




Junior Sean McGowan is a well-known athlete here at Bethel Park. McGowan plays both varsity football and baseball for the Hawks. Under the Friday night lights, Sean is seen playing running back, wide receiver, and free safety.

McGowan had a total of 102 yards this past week, helping the Hawks defeat the Colts, 49-21. He has a total of seven touchdowns so far this season and plans on scoring more during the upcoming games.

This past week, McGowan was nominated for the WPXI Skylight Player of the Week. Sean is a humble athlete who doesn’t like to brag about statistics and accomplishments.

In fact, when asked how many total yards he has so far this season, he simply said, “To be honest I’m not sure. All I know is I had 304 yards over the past two games.”

McGowan likes to emphasize the ‘student’ part in the term student-athlete. His go-get-it mentality helps him be successful both on and off the field(s). McGowan currently has a 3.6 GPA.

Whether it’s on the football field or the baseball field, McGowan is a well-respected athlete by teammates, coaches, and even opponents.

Junior Ryan Meis, a former teammate of McGowan, said, “Watching Sean play football is like watching a feather fall from the sky–so graceful, so peaceful.”

Make sure you come out and watch McGowan, and the rest of the Black Hawks, as they continue to impress the community and fuel school spirit.