District prepares for remote learning


Hawk Eye Staff

The word “academics” welcomes students to said wing of the school.

Anabel Franzmann, Social Media Editor

Bringing in the new year has also brought in a surge of COVID cases. The Omicron variant has caused COVID symptoms, unlike other less-severe strains. Allegheny County has hit 3,000 daily as of Jan. 5.

With this, new fears of school closures have sparked. Local school districts, including Bethel Park, have begun preparing for remote learning.

An email was sent to elementary parents earlier this week explaining the district’s decision to send technology home with students. Students are required to bring technology to and from school starting this week. 

“There are fluctuating staffing issues district-wide that may necessitate a move to remote instruction on any given day,” according to the email.

Staff shortages have been affecting the district for years. Substitute teachers are nearly impossible to find to this extent. 

If the decision to move remote is made after the school day is complete, the next day will be asynchronous, allowing teachers to prepare for remote instruction. If the decision is made during the school day, the following day will be synchronous, including all subsequent remote days. 

Information on the district’s COVID cases and updates can be found on the Bethel Park School District website.