Homeroom 419 wins Halloween homeroom door decorating contest


Brooke Veith

Students in Mrs. Gentile’s homeroom proudly show off their door after winning the Homeroom Halloween Door Decorating Contest.

Brooke Veith, Staff Writer

The halls of BPHS aren’t known for their vibrant colors. In fact, with its cream-colored block walls, fluorescent lights, and plain wooden classroom doors, each floor is as sanitary as it gets. That being said, for the past two weeks, the Halloween spirit brought some spunk to the halls of BPHS.

During the week of the PSAT, ASVAB, and CEW, non-testing students participated in the Halloween homeroom door decorating contest hosted by SGA.

Students used a variety of supplies, including large colored paper, markers, paint, caution tape, fake spider webs, and more to make their doors as spooky as possible.

Judging took place during the week of Oct. 18. The first and second place winners would receive a donut breakfast for their homeroom; while third, fourth, and fifth places winners would receive candy.

On Oct. 23, SGA announced the winners on their Instagram account and over the PA system.

The winners of this year’s door decorating contest were Mrs. Gentile’s homeroom 419 (first place), Mrs. Durmis’s homeroom 332 (second place), Mrs. Werries’s homeroom 204 (third place), homeroom 404 (fourth place), and Mrs. Sofranko’s homeroom 207 (fifth place).

Katey Muench, a senior at BPHS, was one of the first-place winners in Mrs. Gentile’s homeroom.

She said: “I feel so honored and am excited to eat some doughnuts. Big thank you to Jamie Opferman and Leah Pellis for putting so much time and work into our door.”

Congrats to all the winners and enjoy your sweet treats!