Writing Studio gets makeover

Welcomes students to brand-new environment perfect for conferencing


Mrs. Hipkins

The Writing Studio features a brand new layout for students and teachers to conference about their essays and more.

Earlier this year, when you walked into the Writing Studio, you were overwhelmed by desks forming circular pods, desktop computers filling up any available space, and wires stretching every which way.

Now, you are greeted with the pleasant smell of pumpkin, quotes from notable authors, and an array of conference-friendly stations. 

Nestled right outside the rotunda on the second floor, the Writing Studio, Room 212, is staffed by English teachers during Homeroom and Periods 5-8. 

In fact,  Dr. Youngs is present in the studio during Homeroom. Mr. Jack is on staff Periods 5 and 7 while Mrs. Hipkins is on duty Period 6 and Mrs. Casagranda is at the helm  Period 8.

The studio is unstaffed during Periods 1-4.

Any student wishing to use the studio during these periods must be accompanied by a teacher. You are allowed to go quickly to pick up something from the printers. Of course, you must make an e-hallpass for that. 

Teachers will have to make an e-hallpass to “Writing Studio” any time of the day when students go. 

The room is now better suited for small group work or conferencing. There are six cushioned chairs (a group of two and a group of four), a circular table with four chairs, a long table with 16 chairs, a high table with two stools, and eight desktop computers.

The capacity of this room is 30 people.

The Writing Studio is a great place for studying. Currently, the Writing Studio is advertising help to seniors with their college essays.  

If you have a question or want to schedule a time for a class or student, the extension is 8573. To schedule an appointment for a certain time, you have to contact an ELA teacher on duty depending on what time you would like to schedule.

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