Donate, save a life


Juliona Bele

A student donates blood at the Blood Drive on April 8, 2021.

Anabel Franzmann, Staff Writer

Blood shortages have been around for years, but due to COVID-19, it is at its worst. COVID-19 has shut down blood donation centers and limited the number of people who can donate. Every day, our COVID-19 infection rate is going up, causing more hospitalizations and a greater need for your donation. Even as the world starts to open back up, blood shortages are still very present.

To assist with this, BPHS will host a blood drive on Thursday, Sept. 30.

Why should you donate? Your donation will be sent to local hospitals for blood transfusions, red cells, platelets and plasma. One blood donation can save up to three people. Although you will never know who received your donation, they will be forever grateful for you.

Blood donations can be donated by anyone over 16 with parent permission. Visit the Vitalant website for restrictions and guidelines.

Local families, including mine, have been grateful to receive this selfless gift from complete strangers. Remember, your 10-minute donation could change a family forever.

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