SGA funds cell phone charging stations and water bottle fill stations


Hawk Eye Staff

Cell phone charging stations will be placed in the cafeteria and lobby.

Nick Guimond , Video Editor

Students in SGA are always looking for ways to make our school better. So the recent news of the coming cell phone charging stations to the cafeteria and new water-bottle filling stations should come as no surprise.

The cell phone charging stations will be introduced in the cafeteria when they are installed. This is a convenient location, as most students have a lunch period. Also, with the new transition to electronic hall passes for the whole school, it will phase out excuses for not being able to have a hall pass due to a dead phone.

In addition to the charging stations, the new water-bottle fill stations will be found above most of the preexisting water fountains already in BPHS. These stations serve to help eliminate the need for plastic water bottles; they will even display the amount of plastic saved by their usage. The stations will provide clean and chilled water for students’ everyday water needs.

According to Mr. Kszastowski, these additions were added because “The student leaders in the school from PACS and SGA felt that it would enhance the student experience in the school by giving them an option for filtered water without wasting plastic.”

With all the benefits these services will provide, the students of BPHS are sure to be thankful to their SGA and PACS committees. Hopefully, student leaders will continue the betterment of our school like this, to keep making BPHS great.