Vernissage Club spreads luck, love with carnation, limerick sale


LUCKY CHARM messages can be bought in the main lobby starting March 4.

Stephanie Kroll, Managing Editor, Opinions Editor

The Vernissage Club is currently selling carnations and limericks this week in the morning before homeroom from 7 a.m.- 7:20 a.m. in the Main Lobby. They will be delivered to your friend or significant other’s homeroom on St. Patrick’s Day.

Each carnation comes with a limerick that includes a saying that corresponds with the flower: Claddagh white for “I love you,” shamrock green for “I like you” and lucky charm gold for “You’re my lucky charm.”

They’re $2 each or three for $5. When you buy one, make sure to write your friend’s name and homeroom on the back of the limerick so they can be delivered to the right destination.

Senior and president of the Vernissage Club Leslie Folino said, “It’s just something really cute and unique that Vernissage would like to do to bring people together.”

So, if you’re feeling lucky, send your pal a carnation and message to show them you care.

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